One of the hottest panels at this year’s ILTACON involved self-taught hacker Marcus Weinberger walking the audience through just how easy it is to hack law firms and their clients.

While corporations and law firms have been successfully infiltrated by well-trained nation state cybercriminals with unique hacking resources at their disposal, these are far from the only hackers that may be able to breach today’s cyber defenses.

A 15-year-old demonstrated just how easy it can be to hack law firm partners, associates and staff at the International Legal Technology Association’s annual educational conference in National Harbor, Maryland

However, those cybercriminals may not need to be all that sophisticated. During a session at the International Legal Technology Association Conference (ILTACON), “Watch a 15 Year Old Hack Your Firm’s Users,” self-taught teen hacker, Marcus Weinberger revealed how easy it is for a novice hacker to gain access to a firm’s network.

The working telephone of a twiering lawyer can be hacked in a 'split second'. Just like the password of a trainee lawyer. This is shown by the 16-year-old 'ethical hacker' Marcus Weinberger in a revealing presentation at the Lexpo'19 legal innovation fair.