Terminal Applications


Minecraft-TUI is a terminal application that allows you to chat on any Minecraft Java Edition server. It is written in python and the source code is available here.


mdb-chat is a terminal application that allows you to chat with anyone else using this program. All messages are stored in my db. The chatroom needs no "chatroom server" due to the way it works. Users' identities are based on their unique private key generated by my database. The source code is available here.

Little Man Computer

This is an implementation of the Little Man Computer  written from scratch in python. It runs a basic version of assembly and has some demo programs included. The source code is available here.


text here.

Web Applications


Rotatify is a simple web service that allows you to turn any still image into a rotating gif. It has a simple API, too, and the source code is available  here.


ytbeats is a web service that lets you search through and listen to the top youtube livesteams, without any video. Use this to listen to the best 24/7 lofi streams and more. The source code is available  here.

Spotify Song Downloader

This is a simple website that is powered by the python spotdl library. You can download pretty much any song. Source code  here.


ELI5 stands for Explain Like I'm 5. What this site does is let you find simple answers to any question by searching reddit. Source code  here.

Discord Bots


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